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We help humans do what they do, better.

Before we remark, we listen.

Through consulting, education, and coaching, we help leaders and their organizations go from ordinary to remarkable, from “doing okay” to “never been better.”

Why do companies and higher ed institutions choose us?

We can see beyond the day-to-day trenches to the big picture. We’d love to help you identify the dead-ends and pitfalls that impede your progress and offer guidance on how to pick the right team and tools, implement the right plan, and catalyze true progress.

People are your most valuable asset.

By investing in people and improving the ways they work and interact, you will be able to tap latent talent and achieve your goals. Use your business resources to maximize human resources.

Is your organization where you want it to be?

Snyder Remarks help leaders in business and higher ed do what they do better.


We’re consultants and provocateurs who help you form stronger connections with your team and your customers.


In the process, you will achieve some of the wins you’ve been dreaming about: greater efficiency, unity in vision and purpose, clear communication, retention of your top talent, and, of course, strategic growth. Everything we do revolves around serving customers.


Here is what designing amazing customer service looks like in practical terms:

Customer Service

We want your customers and your employees to create business for you, and we’d love to help you become remarkable at serving customers, both internal and external. To that end, we perform a comprehensive assessment of your environment, culture, and current practices. We then come back to you with a set of recommendations for strengthening your customer service systems. We can help take this process further by repositioning your organization so that you clearly differentiate your services from your competition’s. We also help you implement proven processes so that your entire team takes ownership of overall performance and views each customer interaction as an opportunity to grow your business or institution.

Process Improvement

How can you create more time to focus on the important and not just the urgent? Let’s map out the processes that drive your day-to-day workflow—both those inside your organization and those that shape your customer interactions. We’ll help you recognize gaps and inefficiencies. Together, we’ll design and implement sound processes. You will have more time to spend on strategic growth instead of putting out fires.

Diversity & Consensus Building

How can you celebrate diversity and promote inclusiveness? Most organizations struggle to unite their various departments and business units. Turning disparate pieces into a cohesive whole requires smart strategy and consistent follow-through. But with the right plan, you can bring unity and make people feel heard and understood.


How can you inspire your people to give and become their best? We’ll learn to speak your language and help you tighten your messaging, communicate more effectively, and develop your leadership. In this capacity, we serve more as coaches than pure consultants. The potential growth of your human capital is limitless. Tap that potential.

Transformation & Change Management

How can your organization grow with integrity? Let’s steward the inevitable changes that you face in a complex world that is itself changing rapidly. Transformation will happen. It can either be deliberate and beneficial or reactionary and chaotic. Let’s capitalize on those changes as they occur and turn them into catalysts.


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How do you engage a remarkable speaker?

Snyder Remarks speaks on critical business issues that every company and institution faces. Our Remarks© keynote talks revolve around humor and straightforward takeaways. We are passionate about not only connecting with each audience but also moving people to action. So you tell us about the topic, desired outcome, and length of the session. Then we design a creative, one-of-a-kind experience for your event.

Also, if you need some pros to assist with planning your conference—from concept to closing remarks—then we’ll be happy to help you connect the dots.

Consultation & Education

We schedule a two-hour strategy session with your project lead and develop a thorough understanding of your current “as is” state of affairs, including pain points and bottlenecks. We then deliver a plan, detailing action steps and more opportunities to collaborate.


This on-site kick-off involves your leaders and stakeholders. We spend one or two days making visual maps of your current processes and defining the various factors that affect your organization’s growth. You’ll walk away with the insights needed to show both external and internal “customers” how they can participate in that growth. At the same time, we get to know your business, you get to know ours, and we define the project as a whole.


A three-month execution phase takes your team sequentially from plan to reality, from strategy to streamlined processes, from big picture to nitty-gritty details. We customize our plan of attack based on your long-term goals and points of maximum leverage. Our goal is to remove roadblocks while saving you time, money, and people-hours.

Facilitation & Coaching

Before we remark, we listen.

We listen to the leader who wants one-on-one advice, guidance, and training. We also listen to the leader who wants Snyder Remarks to facilitate the design process and help him or her implement a coaching process for the entire team. Snyder Remarks has a straightforward approach to helping people connect the dots from here to there. You design the “there,” and we’ll use our methodology to uncover expectations and goals, select the right people, and start walking the path to change.

Remarkable Initiatives

You tell us where and how you want to be remarkable. We can work with a single leader or an entire organization and tailor our approach to bring about the desired results. This totally bespoke mix may incorporate speaking, consulting, education, coaching, and facilitation.


Here are some of the questions we will ask:


  • What area of your institution or business needs to be more remarkable?
  • How can your service and the experience your external customers have become more remarkable?
  • How can the ways you engage your internal customers become more remarkable?
  • What can you do to earn a reputation for being remarkable and inspire people to be your ambassadors?
  • What can you do to make these positive changes sustainable?

Now that would be truly remarkable!

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